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About The Artist

Self-portrait of the artist

I grew up with two Siamese cats.  I now live with 14 cats since I married the crazy cat lady. :)  I love all these cats, so I guess I'm the crazy cat daddy.  My wife is a pet sitter of 30 years, and sometimes we board small dogs, too, so I am around pets and their humans quite a bit.

I have been painting custom pet portraits since 2009, and trained under Darrell Chitty, a master painter in Louisiana.  I paint in the style of Expressive Realism.  I use software that simulates the physics, colors, and textures of actual paint, and I use a tablet that allows me to hand paint strokes of brushes onto the digital canvas.

My modus operandi for painting is to honor and memorialize the subject.  As much as we love our pets and consider them our furry children, we want to love them while they're here and remember them when they're gone.  My paintings help people do this.  Also, the style of the painting allows the viewer to participate in the creation of the entire image in their minds... that's the expressive part of Expressive Realism.  So, we enjoy these paintings together. 

I thank you for visiting my site, and for supporting a small business, and I want to be sure you know that I appreciate all of my customers.  Thanks!

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